Therese : In theaters: August 23rd, 2013

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Thérèse (Audrey Tautou) has married less for love than for convenience, but it is not long before the casual disinterestedness shown her by her arrogant husband, Bernard (Gilles Lellouche), sets her mind in motion. Life is easy at first, as Bernard’s pinewood estates keep them both in the lap of luxury. But whenThérèse’s best friend Anne (Anaïs Demoustier), who also happens to be Bernard’s younger sister, falls madly in love with a handsome young Portuguese man, Thérèse begins to see what she has been missing in her life. Corralled by Bernard’s family into persuading Anne to forego her planned nuptials, she begins to see first-hand the awesome power of passionate love, as Anne will go to any length to keep her lover by her side. Soon, Thérèse begins her own fight against the oppressive Desqueyroux family.

Genre:DramaDirector:Claude MillerCast:Audrey Tautou, Gilles Lellouche, Anaïs Demoustier, Catherine Arditi

Thérèse (2012)

Release Info

France 27 May 2012 (Cannes Film Festival)
Canada September 2012 (Toronto International Film Festival)
Switzerland September 2012 (Festival du Film Français d’Helvétie de Bienne)
Belgium 3 October 2012 (Festival du Film Francophone de Namur)
Canada November 2012 (Festival Cinémania)
Czech Republic November 2012 (Festival du Film Français en République tchèque)
Italy November 2012 (France Odeon, Festival del Cinema Francese, Firenze)
Belgium 21 November 2012
France 21 November 2012
Switzerland 21 November 2012 (French speaking region)
Canada 30 November 2012 (Québec)
France January 2013 (Rendez-cous du cinéma française à Paris)
UK 19 February 2013 (Glasgow Film Festival)
Switzerland 7 March 2013 (German speaking region)
Netherlands 21 March 2013
Israel 28 March 2013
Sweden 3 April 2013 (DVD premiere)
Brazil 5 April 2013
Estonia 5 April 2013
Lithuania 5 April 2013
Australia 11 April 2013
Taiwan 12 April 2013
Denmark 13 April 2013 (CPH PIX)
USA 18 April 2013 (COLCOA Film Festival, Los Angeles)
USA 27 April 2013 (San Francisco International Film Festival)
Poland 15 May 2013 (Przeglad Nowego Kina Francuskiego)
Hong Kong 16 May 2013
USA 28 May 2013 (Seattle International Film Festival)
Ireland 7 June 2013
UK 7 June 2013
USA 20 June 2013 (Provincetown International Film Festival)
Japan 22 June 2013 (Festival du Film Français au Japon)
New Zealand 27 June 2013
Turkey 12 July 2013
Mexico 26 July 2013
Greece 22 August 2013
Hungary 22 August 2013
USA 23 August 2013 (limited)
Singapore 5 September 2013



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